Brandon Jordan Brown. Poetry. 2014 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow.
Post-Social Media.

Who can be afraid of a little child that needs to be fed, to be cared for, to be taught, to be guided? We usually talk about God as the all-powerful, almighty God on whom we depend completely. But God wanted to become the all-powerless, all-vulnerable God who completely depends on us. How can we be afraid of a God who wants to be “God-with-us” and needs us to become “Us-with-God”?

- Henri Nouwen

The Treasure of the Poor

The poor have a treasure to offer precisely because they cannot return our favours.  By not paying us for what we have done for them, they call us to inner freedom, selflessness, generosity, and true care.   Jesus says:  “When you have a party, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind; then you will be blessed, for they have no means to repay you and so you will be repaid when the upright rise again”  (Luke 14:13-14).

The repayment Jesus speaks about is spiritual.  It is the joy, peace, and love of God that we so much desire.  This is what the poor give us, not only in the afterlife but already here and now.

- Henri Nouwen

"Communities as well as individuals suffer.  All over the world there are large groups of people who are persecuted, mistreated, abused, and made victims of horrendous crimes.  There are suffering families, suffering circles of friends, suffering religious communities, suffering ethnic groups, and suffering nations.   In these suffering bodies of people we must be able to recognise the suffering Christ.  They too are chosen, blessed, broken and given to the world.   

As we call one another to respond to the cries of these people and work together for justice and peace, we are caring for Christ, who suffered and died for the salvation of our world.”

- Henri Nouwen